An Overview of the Swell Dynamics and Their Implications over Africa: Significance to Climate Change and Forcing

Modise Wiston

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Jeans Instability of Fine Dust Particle with Impact of Coriolis Force, Electrical Resistivity and Electron Plasma Frequency

D. L. Sutar, S. Sharma, R. K. Pensia

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Comparison of Transient Variation of Total Electron Content within and Outside Equatorial Ionization Anomaly Region

O. R. Oladosu, A. A. Agoyi, A. O. Adewale, R. S. Fayose, A. B. Rabiu

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Study of f(T) Dark Energy Model Using Different Choices of the Cosmological Scale Factor

Ayman A. Aly, A. Sabry, M. N. El-Hammamy

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Radiometric Evaluation Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Some Ongoing Drilled Boreholes across Keffi Town of Nasarawa State, Nigeria

U. Rilwan, I. Umar, A. Z. Ngari, H. A. Abdullahi, H. O. Aboh

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Theoretical Behaviour of 8B + 208pb Elastic Scattering within Double Folding Model

N. A. El-Nohy, M. N. El-Hammamy, M. El-Azab Farid, A. Attia, Moamen M. Elsayed

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