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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 5 [Issue 1]

Review Article

The Effects of Gravitational Wave Recoil on Black Holes

Karan Chawla

Page: 86-96

Does the Mass-Gap Hint at the Existence of New Types Compact Objects?

Ramen Kumar Parui

Page: 102-114

345 Years of the Master Degree of Edmond Halley and the Trajectories of Five Comets after the Passage of the Halley Comet in 1986: A Didactical and Historical Approach

Marcos Cesar Danhoni Neves , Daniel Gardelli , Josie A. P. Silva , Ricardo Francisco Pereira, Wilson Guerra , Ana Claudia D. Neves

Page: 201-216

Original Research Article

Study of Maximum Average Wave Height Distribution in the Southern Waters of Java Island during the Period 2010-2021

Ninda Barokah, Komang Ngurah Suarbawa , Nurfaijin, I. Made Yuliara , I. Gde Antha Kasmawan , I. Nengah Sandi , Anak Agung Ngurah Gunawan

Page: 48-58

Living Body Special Mass; A New Theory

Yahya Awad Sharif

Page: 59-64

The Origin of Wave-Particle Duality

John A. T. Bye

Page: 71-74

Sheet-Like Structure Formation inside the Core of Massive Neutron Star

Ramen Kumar Parui

Page: 75-85

On the Existence of a Hollow Neutron Star

Ramen Kumar Parui

Page: 119-127

The Approximation of One Step Block Approach for Simulation of Second Order Oscillatory Differential Equations

Yaska Mutah , P. M. Medugu , J. Sabo , H. Ali

Page: 217-228